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Did You Know? We have Cat hammers that work with non-Cat machines.
  • Mini Excavator

    (1-10 metric tons)

    Offers the performance to dig in and be productive on every job.

  • Small Excavator

    (11-19 metric tons)

    Fuel efficiency and versatility ideal for many utility applciations.

  • Medium Excavator

    (20-35 metric tons)

    Versatile, fuel-efficient and productive on mid-size projects.

  • Large Excavator

    (36-90 metric tons)

    Exceptional for bulk earthmoving and heavy lifting applications.

  • Wheel Excavator

    (13-22 metric tons)

    Has the mobility, speed, power and reliability to be the most versatile machine in your fleet.

  • Skid Steer Loader

    (3-5 metric tons)

    Built for tough work, delivering Cat reliability, durability, and efficient operation.

  • Compact Track Loader

    (3-5 metric tons)

    Built for tough work, delivering Cat reliability, durability, and efficient operation.

  • Multi Terrain Loader

    (3-5 metric tons)

    Built for tough work, delivering Cat reliability, durability, and efficient operation.

  • Backhoe Loader

    (8-12 metric tons)

    Set the industry standard for operator comfort, exceptional performace, versatility and jobsite efficiency.

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Silencing (Optional)

Not Sure if You Need Silencing? In the search results below, hammer models with an "S" have silencing.

Do You Want Enclosed Housing for Noise Suppression?

Selecting a hammer with fully enclosed housing offers superior noise suppression, making it ideal for work areas where noise is regulated.


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Mounting Configuration (Optional)

Did You Know? Both mounting configurations (flat-top and pin-on) offer the same hard-hitting performance, reliability and quality.

Cat Hammers are Offered in Two Mounting Configurations. (Choose one)

  • Flat-Top Models are compatible with Cat and non-Cat machines by way of a mounting bracket.
  • Pin-On Models are specifically for Cat machines and are available as top-mounted or side-mounted variations.


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What to Know Before You Buy

Do you really know what "energy class" means?

Energy class, or "Ft. Lb. Class" as it is commonly referred to, is typically used in hammer specifications to "rate" the power of a hydraulic hammer. While it may seem like a good starting point to compare different brands, "Ft. Lb. Class" is not a value engineers calculate the same way. It is important to evaluate other factors like hammer weight, tool diameter and oil flow requirements to get a true comparison between brands.

Do you need a hammer that works with more than one machine?

Even though this selector tool only lets you choose one machine at a time, you will see compatible machines for every hammer model.

Do you need a hammer for a Cat machine?

Hammers with a pin-on mounting configuration are intended specifically for Cat machines. This configuration may be a more cost-effective option for applications where the hammer will be the only attachment used.

Do you need a hammer for a non-Cat machine?

Choose a flat-top mounting configuration to easily mount on other machine brands with brackets. You can also transfer hammers between machines with a coupler, which makes them ideal for fleets.


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The Cat Attachment Warranty

Our Extended Protection Plan (EPP)

Get 36-month coverage – unlimited hours – on main hammer components, or look into our rebuild programs that bring the hammer back to original quality. EPP transfers with the hammer, which adds to its resale value and means more money for you.

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