Small Hammers

Hammer it Out.

Cat® Small Hammers are available for a wide range of machines, fitting your equipment and job site needs.

Maximize your ROI

  • Consistent power and performance you need for faster job completion and 24/7 operation
  • 3,000-5,000 operating hours and fully rebuildable for another 3,000+ hours
  • A complete system solution that protects your machines while using its power
  • Easier maintenance to save on owning and operating costs
  • High resale value

Compatible Machines

Multi-Terrain, Compact Track, Backhoe and Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Excavators


Sidewalks, driveways, curb and cinder block demolition

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Product Specifications & Pricing

Impact Energy Class

150 ft-lbf – 800 ft-lbf

Blows per Minute

780 – 1,900

Rated Flow (Min.)

3.2 gal/min – 10 gal/min

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Cat Hammer

1. A Full System Solution

As a total system solution, Cat hammers and machines are designed to work together seamlessly, providing you with:

  • Greater stability and integrity
  • Seamless hydraulic connectivity for maximum performance
  • Protection from damage
  • Better fit for roading and transport
  • Custom brackets and lines for specific hammer /machine combinations

2. More Than 20 Models to Choose From

With a full range of models to suit your individual needs, our hammers perfectly complement our machine lineup whether you're looking for small, medium or large models.

3. 25 Years and Going Strong

We've been perfecting our hammers and listening to what our customers care about most since the early '90s. We continuously improve each element to deliver the right solution that meets your needs.

4. 50,000 Hammers Sold Globally

We take the time to fully understand what you're looking for and craft each hammer to deliver the power you need, without fail.

5. 100% Quality

When you're armed with a Cat machine and hammer, you can be confident they're designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards. Our world-class manufacturing is built on a deep institutional knowledge of steel and heat treating with quality control to the highest levels and global shipping. Plus our extensive dealer network supports you anywhere, anytime – all to save you time, money and improve your bottom line.


Highlighted Features

Highlighted Features

Automatic Shut-off

When no longer in contact with material, the hammer stops firing to prevent premature damage and protect your investment. So no matter who uses the machine, you'll always avoid blank firing.


Internal buffering reduces vibration transmitted to the machine to improve operator comfort and reduce machine wear. Built-in accumulators also smooth the flow from the hammer to the machine to protect the hydraulic system from pressure spikes.


These hammers are fully enclosed for superior noise suppression, making them ideal in work areas where noise is regulated, while improving job site safety.

Check out our videos for more details on these features.


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DIY: 3 Ways to Keep Costs Low

We build Cat hammers to increase your uptime and lower your maintenance costs.

1. Greasing

On small hammers, there's a single, standing height grease point that's easy to reach and simple to check. It's important to grease the hammer every two hours using only Cat Hammer Paste to avoid excessive wear on tools and bushing and reduce maintenance costs.

2. Field-Serviceable Lower Tool Bushing (LTB)

As the primary point of wear, this needs to be replaced regularly on any hammer – regardless of brand. But LTBs on Cat hammers can be serviced in the field by the operator with minimal tooling. And you'll get two uses out of it. After the first wear, just rotate the bushing 90.°

3. Check and Fill Gas Charge

Unlike other brands, the gas charge in a Cat hammer can be checked, and filled, right on the machine. Instead of being part of your daily "routine maintenance," checking the gas charge can be done once a year. That's because we produce a world-class sealing system that handles the hard-hitting work you do and maintains its power output long after other brands.

Watch our videos to learn how to complete these easy maintenance tasks.

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Additional Support

Dealer Support

In Your Corner

Buying a Cat hammer means you'll get:

  • Superior knowledge at every level
  • Worldwide product support that covers the machine, hammer and everything in between
  • Assistance anywhere and everywhere you are
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The Cat Attachment Warranty

Our Extended Protection Plan (EPP)

Get 36-month coverage – unlimited hours – on main hammer components, or look into our rebuild programs that bring the hammer back to original quality. EPP transfers with the hammer, which adds to its resale value and means more money for you.

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