Add steel frame demolition and scrap processing to your portfolio with Cat® Shears.

Save More
360-degree rotation gives you the ability to position the Shear precisely where you need it, saving you fuel cost and time by minimizing machine repositioning.

Cut More, Make More
Unlike shears designed to fit multiple brands, Cat Shears are engineered specifically to take full advantage of your Cat machine … making them the ideal choice in scrap processing yards where tons per hour matter.

Compatible Equipment

We have what you need

Shears are available to fit a wide range of machine types and sizes. Shears for excavators have the additional benefit of being either stick or boom mounted, depending on your needs. No matter your task, we have the shear to help you get the job done. Let us help you get started.

Specifications summary

Throat Force

204 ton-ft – 1320 ton-ft

Apex Force

73 ton-ft – 534 ton-ft

Tip Force

43 ton-ft – 282 ton-ft

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